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    • camille POLIQUIN
    • Music Composer
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    Music Composer

    camille POLIQUIN is a Juno Award winning musical artist, published writer and creative director. With a degree in jazz orchestral composition and contemporary production, she has been an active member of the Montreal independent industry since 2012. Under the alias KROY, her avant-garde art-pop has been praised by the likes of VICE, NYLON and Rolling Stone. With a focus on eerie vocal layering and delicate melodies, her work revolves around love, sadness and death with violent imagery. Poliquin has been bringing her music to the big screen since 2016, having signed the original score of four motion pictures. Working from the BEHAVE studios, established in Montreal’s Little Italy district.


    • SOCAN Emerging Screen Composer Awards . Best Non-Fiction Original Score . Ainsi Soient-Elles 2020
    • ADISQ Show of the Year . Deception Bay 2019
    • JUNO Electronic Album of the Year . Deception Bay 2019
    • SOCAN Breakthrough Award . Little Mourning 2015


    • Metafilms
    • Cirque Du Soleil
    • LSTW
    • Attraction Images
    • Caramel Films
    • Les Films du Balibari
    • Prism Prizes
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    Poliquin's music appears in:

    • Riverdale (NETFLIX)
    • Mary kills people (TV)
    • Never have i ever (NETFLIX)
    • Junior majeur (MOTION PICTURE)
    • Lourd (TV)
    • Reste je ne veux pas être seule (MOTION PICTURE)
    • Game(R) (TV)
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